Yang Bo

Yang Bo was born in Hubei, China in 1991, and moved to Miyagi prefecture in Japan in 2001.

He has consistently produced works on the theme of pop culture and the sense of distance related to its reception. Centering on music, Yang has enjoyed pop culture, which despite being concerned with far distant persons and events, approaches us psychologically as something extremely intimate. Drawing inspiration from such influences, Yang creates his unique world of work through mixing portraits of pop stars and the various scenes that they color with landscapes from his own life.

He graduated in 2019 with an M.F.A. in Painting from Tokyo University of the Arts, and currently lives and works in Tokyo. His recent solo exhibitions include, “Heart of glass” (CAPSULE Gallery, Tokyo, 2018), with selected group exhibitions such as “working / editing” (akibatamabi21, Tokyo, 2020), “Fixed Shadows” (Yutaka Kikutake Gallery, Tokyo, 2019), and “The Course of true love never did run smooth” (EUKARYOTE, Tokyo, 2019).