Announcement of new publication, “one way or another”

YKG Gallery is pleased to announce that we have new publication of Koichi Tabata, “one way or another” Release date: December 1st 2017, published by Yutaka Kikutake Gallery Soft cover, total 56 pages, featuring 12 works Text by: Hikotaro Kanehira, Takuya Nakao Price: 3000 yen (limited edition of 300)

Nerhol x Takuya Nakao Notice of change in talk event date


"Nerhol x Takuya Nakao Notice of change in talk event" will be changed to the following schedule.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

"Nerhol x Takuya Nakao Notice of change in talk event"

Date:2017 November 22 19:00-

Location:Yutaka Kikutake Gallery

Entrance Free


Nerhol x Takuya Nakao talk event

Nerhol x Takuya Nakao talk event

Date:2017 November 11 16:30-18:00

Location: Yutaka Kikutake Gallery

Entrance Free


project N 69 MIKAME Reina

Period: Sat. 14 October - Sun. 24 December, 2017
Location: Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, 4F corridor
Participating artist: Reina Mikame

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Nerhol "Interview, Portrait, House and Room"

Period: September 2 - 24, 2017
Location: Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art (Korea)
Participating artist: Nerhol

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YKG Summer Holidays

The gallery will be closing for summer holidays.

From 11 to 22  August, 2017


Period: March 31 - June 4, 2017
Location: WRO Art Center (Porland)
Participating artist: Hirakawa Norimichi

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VOCA 2017

Period: March 11 - 30, 2017
Location: The Ueno Mori Museum
Participating artist: Nerhol

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Period: April 1st - July 30, 2017
Location: ArtScience Museum (Singapore) 
Participating artist: Kisho Mwkaiyama

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