Madoka Furuhashi, Rie Nakajima, Kohei Sekigawa

Everywhere Gather Yourself Stand

July 7 - August 6, 2022
12:00 - 18:00

Yutaka Kikutake Gallery and SCAI PIRAMIDE is pleased to co-present the 2022 summer exhibition, “Everywhere Gather Yourself Stand.”


Titled, “Everywhere Gather Yourself Stand” –a line from the poem Eye-glances by the German-Jewish poet Paul Celan –the exhibition draws reference to themes such as ‘the struggle and acquisition of identity,’ ‘the presence of absence,’ ‘imagining somewhere not here.’ In the midst of the pandemic and on-going conflicts that have made people’s lives and interactions increasingly difficult in recent years, the exhibition attempts to reassess where each of us stands, reflecting on values gained through imagining others, diverse ways of being as humans –and ultimately, as a society as a whole.


Yutaka Kikutake Gallery presents the work of Kohei Sekigawa, who employs performance and installation as a means to consider the communication of meaning, Rie Nakajima, known for her exhibitions and performances that attempt to integrate music and sculpture, and Madoka Furuhashi, who articulates the traces of memories and actions through sculptures and installations based on her research on familiar matters and history. Through the expression of these three artists, the exhibition invites visitors to lend their ears to the subtle yet compelling voices that can be heard in places beyond the scope of one’s everyday life and imagination.


In Threadsuns, poet Paul Celan, whose work is also quoted as the title of this exhibition, wrote, “there are still songs to sing beyond mankind.” The three artists who are introduced on this occasion turn to performance and the traces of their production process as clues in their attempt to pursue means of expression that do not simply culminate within the exhibition space, but extend beyond people’s thoughts and imagination. Various performances and workshops will also be held during the exhibition period, thus organically expanding the entire exhibition space without being bound by elements such as time, space, or format.


Artist Profiles


Kohei Sekigawa

Born in 1990, Miyagi Prefecture. Graduated from the Specialized Curriculum Printmaking Program, The School of Art and Design, Tsukuba University in 2013. He employs various approaches such as performance and installation in order to consider the communication of meaning that occurs through his work. Recent exhibitions include the group shows, “Azamino Contemporary vol.11 Sekigawa Kohei: Let’s Call It a Day” (Yokohama Civic Gallery, Azamino, 2020), “THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER” (Tai Kwun Centre For Heritage & Arts, Hong Kong, 2020), “Travelers: Stepping into the Unknown” (The National Museum of Art, Osaka, 2019).

Artist HP:


Rie Nakajima

Born in 1976, Kanagawa Prefecture. Currently lives and works in London. Known for her works that combine everyday objects and kinetic devices in an endeavor to integrate music and sculpture, she has exhibited and performed worldwide, centering on Europe. Also highly recognized for her activities in the improvisational music scene, she has collaborated with many musicians including David Toop, co-organizer of “Sculpture” –an experimental event on the theme of sound and space, as well as David Cunningham, Charles Hayward, Akio Suzuki, and Akira Sakata.

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Madoka Furuhashi

Born in 1983, Nagano prefecture. After completing her studies at the Intermediate School, AA School of Architecture (London, UK) in 2010, Furuhashi attended the Royal College of Art where she received her Masters in Fine Art in 2013, and currently continues to study on the Fine Art Research (PhD) program. Research serves as the core element of her practice, from which she extracts elements in creating spatial expressions.

Recent exhibitions include the group shows, "Domani plus@Aichi: 'Where the gaze resides'," (Aichi, 2022), “Narratives of Exchange / Exchange of Narratives,” (Instituto Alumnos, Mexico City 2018), “Raw Material, Goods and Human Body,” (iCAN, Yogyakarta 2017),

“Il Quarto Stato,” (Kusthalle Brixiae 2015), “Dekunobo Fushiana,” (Shiseido Art Gallery, Jali Wahlsten at Micawber Street 2014).

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Guest Curator: Hikotaro Kanehira

Yutaka Kikutake Gallery and SCAI PIRAMIDE have different exhibition dates and opening hours. Please be advised to check the information for each venue before planning your visit.



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Title: “Everywhere Gather Yourself Stand”

Artists: James Lee Byars, Ishu Han, Ken Sasaki, Yui Usui, Apichatpong Weerasetakul

Venue: SCAI PIRAMIDE (Piramide Bldg. 3F, 6-6-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Date:Thu. 21 July – Sat. 17 September [Summer Holidays: 11 – 21 August]

Opening Hours: 12:00 – 18:00

*Closed on Sun., Mon., Tues., Wed., and Public Holidays


Kohei Sekigawa
"Let call it a day", Performance at Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino, 2020
Photo by Masanobu Nishino

Rie Nakajima
"Cyclic", Installation at Ikon Gallery, 2018
(c) Stuart Whipps

Madoka Furuhashi
"Burn, Dry, Cross", Installation at "Domani plus@Aichi: 'Where the gaze resides'", 2022
Photo | Keita Otsuka + Shunta Inaguchi